European College of QINOpractic Medicine 

Offers unique and exciting courses that give you a set of tools that will immediately improve your clients' results.

Through excellence we create once-in-a-lifetime courses, every time

Providing unique and intriguing courses that provide you with a set of tools that will  transform your clients outcomes.

European College of QINOpractic Medicine

Specializes in continuing education for therapists.

We offer a completely different concept and range of courses than all other course organizers. All our courses are unique and are not offered anywhere else, since I have created them all from scratch.

QINOpractic is about daring to see outside of frames and limitations.

European College of QINOpractic Medicine - When quality is more important than quantity...

Next Course: 

Energy Synchronization ans Neurological Calibration

August 25 - 27 - NaruraClass, Fuengirola, Spain 

NOTE: This is the last course we do in Spain in many years, due to relocation 

Courses in QINOpractic Medicince

These unique courses combines classroom lecture with hands-on practice to provide a solid foundation for attendees to understand different types of functional testing, applicable techniques with a greater understanding why problems (pain, discomfort) keeps re-occurring.

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External (mini courses)

Besides Our Program in QINOpractic Medicine, we offer many 3 day courses as well. 

Rehab and Neurogical Calibration
Energrgetic Synchronization
Rehab and Strain Counterstrain
Emotional Release Technique & NLP

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Treatment of horses and animals

We have developed a whole new technique where we treat animals. Again a combination of different techniques that I have developed.

We treat for example horse and rides in symbiosis, meaning together as one, not as two separate entities

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Post Grad Education

Further education and training

Our goal with our courses is that they should be a bit outside of any other further education offered to you as a therapist.

Motto: Only dead fish follow the stream.

That is to say, IF you want to go into the same trap as all other therapists, then our offer may not suit you.

But if you like to go and create your own, new paths, and not follow the paths of others, then you fit into our philosophy. Only dead fish follow the stream.

We want you as a therapist to not only learn new techniques but also gain a much greater understanding of how our body works on several different levels.
Techniques in all honor, but they are just pieces of a large puzzle, stretching, trigger point treatment, mobilization, etc. are all pieces of the puzzle and we are convinced that you are fully aware of these. You studied them from the front, from the side, and turned and twisted them, but have you learned how to put the puzzle together?

Understand the big picture? Learn why you do what you do instead of what and how to do it.

The European College of QINOpractic Medicine's continuing education courses are about learning how to put the puzzle together, learning to understand the whole picture, why pain occurs, why the pain keeps coming back, and how to get long-lasting effects.

Our flagship is the courses in QINOpractic Medicine, a treatment form founded by Dr Mike Dahlström, where knowledge, techniques, and philosophy from Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Osteopathy, and Massage Therapy were combined into a completely unique technique (and philosophy) - QINOpractic Medicine

Hi Micke!

I have worked as a therapist for many years and acquired a lot of knowledge and tools, but felt that there was no common thread and wholeness in what I did.

Meeting Micke with the QINO practice was like finding a home!

Now I have a concept and a common thread in the treatments.

Both I and my customers get feedback that it works, which makes them more motivated to make their own efforts as well.

Plus I have got even more good tools!

Then you have gotten a lot of happy and nice QINO practice friends too!

By far the best and most rewarding training I have attended!


Reijo Palojärvi, Master of QINOpractic Medicine, Bodytherapy Center Ludvika,